Fun Food Friday!

St. Louis Style Pizza at 5th Street Pizza

Welcome to our first installment of ‘Fun Food Friday!’ where we share our experiences with local restaurants. This week it’s all about 5th Street Pizza in Allen, Tx.

Located directly next to Stacy Furniture on the Southbound service road of Hwy 75 just North of McDermott Road, 5th Street Pizza offers a variety of Pizza options. Two factors truly make 5th Street stand out from the crowd of pizzerias.

First, 5th Street specializes in thin crust pizza. Two of them are Chicago Style thin and New York Style thin. Unlike the typical hand tossed pizza, thin crust is a crispy and tasty alternative. You might call 5th Street a ‘Thin Crust Haven’.

Second, 5th Street offers an option that makes them truly unique! It is called St. Louis Style Pizza. What is St. Louis style pizza? I had no idea until I discussed it a few years ago with the owner, Jeff Gamache. Apparently, St. Louis style pizza has a thin crust and a completely different style of cheese called Provel. Provel brings a unique and full flavor unlike Chicago or New York style pizza. Amazing!

In addition to the the pizza, 5th Street Pizza offers a fun and laid back environment celebrating all things Sports and Rock n’Roll. With classic rock album covers canvasing the walls, Blues Brothers welcoming party, and sports memorabilia everywhere you will feel like you walked into a Parlor in downtown St. Louis!

Check out their website at!

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