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I sat down for lunch this week with my friend Brian Belflower. Brian and I met several years ago through a mutual friend and have helped each with everything from ministry ventures to family decisions. Needless to say I enjoyed our time together over lunch!

Brian launched Executive Blue Pools a few years ago and the business has really taken off!

When explaining why he started Executive Blue Brian told me he truly wanted to replace his wife’s salary so she could stay at home with their wonderful daughter, Emma! Brian’s heart to serve people and understanding of the local economy led him toward the pool service industry.

Brian understands the sensitive nature of servicing pools. When hiring a pool company a customer opens up their life to the company. The pool crew will be in the customer’s backyard consistently with access to the home. This kind of trust requires professionalism and consistency.

When I inquired what differentiates Executive Blue from other companies Brian shared three attributes which cause Executive Blue stand out from the rest. First, Executive Blue offers a high level concierge experience. Brian describes it as the ‘white glove’ treatment! The Executive Blue crew is highly relational and takes their customers’ trust very seriously. After every service the customer receives an email highlighting everything the crew accomplished and a picture of the pool when they left the home.

Secondly, Executive Blue values a competent and well trained staff. In addition to initial field training, Executive Blue staff also attend conventions and conferences to continue growing in their understanding of the pool industry. Mentorship and regular meetings also help to sharpen their skills!

Thirdly, Brian emphasized Executive Blue’s full service approach to pool maintenance. They do everything except dig and construct pools! They can repair any piece of pool equipment and offer full renovations!

With the honor of being #1 on Angie’s List many times and members of the Good Contractors List it’s no wonder Executive Blue has achieved success so quickly!



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