3 Reasons a Visit to Biggby Coffee will Brighten Your Day!

Every Tuesday morning 60-80 business professionals gather at 5th Street Pizza for a networking group called Tuesday Morning Live. Each and every week, Biggby Coffee owner, Steve Hrapkiewicz, provides coffee for the group. This may sound like a small donation but when you look closer you will find something unique in Biggby Coffee and Steve.

Community Engagement

Over the past few years Steve and the Biggby crew have engaged in the community in a big way. From sponsoring TML to hosting local charity events, Biggby Coffee has made an impact in the Allen and Fairview areas. Additionally, Steve was asked to join the Board of Directors of the Allen Fairview Chamber of Commerce! It should go without saying that this Realtor has a soft spot in his heart for Biggby Coffee.

Positive Attitude and Environment  

Walking into Biggby, you will notice something different. The colors are bright, the music is upbeat, and the people are happy. This distinguishes Biggby from many other coffee shops that present a less joyful environment. This positive culture, as well as the caffeine, has a pick-me-up effect on everyone who walks in.

Tasty Options

Along with a variety coffees, Biggby offers many options of flavored lattes, cappuccinos, smoothies, bagels, muffins, and many other tasty treats. The variety is wide and options are many. A customer could stop by Biggby once a day for months before trying all of the drink options! The Michigan Cherry comes highly recommended!

You can find Biggby on the web at biggby.com or just pop in for a visit and a latte at 945 W. Stacy Road, Allen, Tx. 75002. Map is below!

Our Menu




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Author: KJones Group

Realtors at kjonesgroup.com and Ebby Halliday Realtors

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