9 Biggest Fire Hazards for Homes in Allen, Tx. 75002

It goes without saying that it is dangerous to leave candles out unattended. Additionally, most people understand leaving cigarettes burning in another room can cause a fire. Along with common causes of house fires, however many lesser publicized hazards can ignite a fire and cause serious damage to a home. With this in mind, we have gathered this list of the ‘9 Biggest Fire Hazards for Homes in Allen, Tx. 75002.’

1. Smoking

Following unintentional carelessness, smoking is the second leading cause of residential fire related deaths. More than 300 people die per year from smoking related fires in residential buildings.

2. Laptop Computers

Electrical fires are the third most common causes of residential fire related deaths, also causing more than 300 deaths. Laptops get hot quickly. When left on a soft surface, airflow can be hindered from the cooling vents in a laptop. This can easily produce enough heat to ignite a house fire.

3. Dryer Lint

I know what you are thinking: Dryer lint? Seriously? Although is may sound harmless, enough of this fluff can pack together and catch fire when exposed to enough heat. Dryer cycles during the hot summer months can easily cause this to happen.

4. Newspaper Stacks

If you are a clutter bug or like to collect newspapers, you might want to take heed to this potential fire danger. If you store newspapers close to a heat source or stacked too high they can easily catch and spread a fire.

5. Heating Pads and Electric Blankets

Many people use heating pads to find relief from muscle pains and strains. Electric blankets can bring comforting warmth in winter.. Unfortunately though, both of these can build up incredible amounts of heat when left on too long, which can start a fire.

6. Older Appliances

Some older appliance components deteriorate over time. Electrical fires can start due to deteriorated insulation or bad wiring. This can lead to disasters in the home.

7. Charcoal Storage

Although the research is all over the map on this one, know for certain how you store and care for charcoal is important. When coal is damp and does not have enough space for heat to escape it can ignite on fire.

8. Oil Soaked Rags

This one may seem obvious, however be aware that piled up oil rags in unventilated spaces can ignite, causing serious fires. Be careful how you clean up after you lubricate a bicycle or use oil to clean equipment.

9. Lighters and Matches

Fire starting equipment should be properly stored and cared for as well. If matches rub against each other or a rough surface they can easily ignite a fire. Additionally, if the wheel of a lighter turns the right way it can ignite.

No one wants their home to catch on fire, much less experience injury or death due to unintentional fires. With this in mind, make sure to observe how you handle flammable

and combustible materials.

Author: KJones Group

Realtors at kjonesgroup.com and Ebby Halliday Realtors

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