8 Pool Dangers in Allen, Tx. 75002

Every Summer residents of Allen, Tx. prepare for fun in the sun at pools and splash parks alike. Pools are a places friends and families expect to splash, play, and relax together. In preparation for this joy-filled time with their loved ones however, parents often forget to plan for potential dangers inherent in pool recreation.


No one wants to experience a tragedy in the home or HOA pool. Thankfully, hundreds of families navigate swimming season safely each year. Unfortunately, dozens of families fall victim to drownings and other water related accidents each summer. With this in mind, it is important to know what hidden dangers pools present to your families. The following are the Top 7 Pool Dangers in Allen, Tx. 75002. Please read them and remember to watch out for potential risks as you enter a time of summer fun in the sun!


  1. Drowning

Drowning is the most familiar pool danger but it is also the most preventable. Individuals can drown in very short periods of time, and even near-drowning accidents can result in permanent debilitating injuries. Every day, around ten people die from unintentional drowning. In 2016 alone, Texas experienced at least 35 drownings of children younger than 6!


  1. Diseases

Many types of bacteria can survive quite happily in swimming pools, circulating among different swimmers to spread illness.


  1. Chemical Exposure

The chemicals used to keep pools clean and safe can be dangerously toxic in high amounts. Chlorine, for example, can dry and irritate skin as well as aggravate asthma. These chemicals can also kill the body’s naturally beneficial bacteria if water is swallowed, potentially causing digestive problems and lowered immunity.


  1. Electrical Shock

Both water and chlorine are excellent conductors of electricity, making swimming pools very hazardous in unsafe electrical conditions.


  1. Food and Beverage

Eating together at the pool can be as much fun as playing in the water. Unfortunately, careless handling of food and drinks can pose dangers as well.

Food falling into a pool can overtax the filtration system. Also, broken glass containers in or out of the pool can seriously injure swimmers. Furthermore, drinking alcohol can impair a person’s ability to swim.


  1. Sunburns

Golden tans are wonderful. Unfortunately, many people spend hours overexposing their skin to the sun’s radiation in order to achieve this sought after look. The sunburns that result, including painful sores and blisters, are just one of the concerns. Too much sun exposure also increases risks of skin cancer.


  1. Seizure Disorders

For people with seizure disorders, drowning is the most common cause of unintentional injury death.


  1. Toys & Inflatable Pools

Water guns, inflatable rafts, basketball hoops, and countless other pool toys bring hours of fun entertainment for swimmers. There are also risks associated with pool toys, especially when they are misused.

Inflatable pools bring their own set of potential problems parents beware of. These pools can become lopsided and unbalanced. Also, because many inflatable pools are filled using household water hoses they do not have treated water like other swimming pools do.


Closing thoughts

No family imagines they will ever experience injury or death due to the these dangers. Although most never suffer through such a tragedy, one victim is too many. Hopefully, all who plan for summer fun experience just that! Let’s respect the potential dangers of the neighborhood or family pool this year and finish the summer with smiles on our faces and our loved ones in our arms!


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10 Home Seller Tips You May Have Forgotten!




Don’t underestimate the importance of drive-up appeal. A well-manicured lawn, neatly trimmed shrubs and a clean walkway all help make a good first impression. Also, repair or replace damaged screens, glass panes, door hardware and other outdoor fixtures.


Paint livens up a dingy room and makes it fresh and more appealing. Use soothing colors like white or other neutral tones.


Open your curtains, shades or drapes to let in the sun and brighten the room. Washing windows inside and out will add a sparkle to your room. Also, turn on lamps or accent lighting and replace missing lightbulbs. This helps to make the room more inviting.


Check squeaky and hard-to-open windows, doors, door knobs, drawers and sliding-glass doors for ease of operation and provide adjustments or lubrication as necessary. Make sure all your plumbing is in working order, too. And always clean rust and soiled spots, empty trash baskets and deodorize pet and smoking areas.


Create a comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen with colorful curtains, cup towels and place mats. Clear countertops of appliances and add green plants or bowls of fruit. Remember, prospective buyers will look inside cabinets, so make space in cabinets and clean inside and out.


Remove clutter from bathroom vanities and cabinets. Be sure to scrub the sinks, tub, shower, and polish mirrors and chrome. Always clean the floors and walls, and deodorize the area. Put out nice towels, and add some scented soaps or candle.


Arrange your living- and dining-room furniture to create an open, friendly effect. Straighten cluttered bookshelves and discard excess papers. Clean all the carpets, and polish the furniture and hardwood floors. By adding a few logs in the fireplace, and magazines, books and flowers to the coffee table, you’ll portray an inviting and well-maintained home.


In family rooms, you should store games and sports equipment or arrange them in attractive containers. Your goal is to eliminate the clutter. Turn off all entertainment units and play soft, relaxing music. Place furniture in conversational groups, and showcase books and magazines on tables or shelves.


Avoid a crowded look in the bedroom by removing excess furniture and unnecessary items — keeping the room light and bright. Attractive, clean and crisp bed linens, with decorative pillows and shams, are important to help add peace and tranquility to the room. Arrange nightstands to display books, plants and family photos.


Permit visitors to see the value of your property from the front entrance to the back and through the garage. Remove unnecessary artifacts, and neatly arrange stored boxes and cartons. Darker spaces may be lightened with new paint or additional lights in room and for stairs.

If you have any questions about selling your house or would like more valuable information about the local Real Estate Market fill, please out the form below! We would love to visit with you about how we can help you maximize your home selling experience!

Fun Food Friday!

‘The Jack Wagon’ at TwoRows Classic Grill!

In 1995, Baine and Julie Brooks had a vision to offer a unique family dining experience in Allen, Tx. They combined the best made-from-scratch ingredients with a casual dining environment. The combination hit the mark and TwoRows was off and running!


Two Rows offers a large selection of creative plates including grilled steaks, sandwiches, salads, pastas, Tex-Mex, and wood fired brick-oven pizzas.  TwoRows modern and traditional plates include Hickory Smoked Honey Glazed Baby Back Ribs, Honey Blonde Beer Muffins, Dallas’ Favorite Chicken Fried Steak, Cajun Seafood Fondue, and their world-famous Honey Peppered Bacon! TwoRows also brews their own Trademarked Root Beer! (http://www.tworows.com/tworows-story/)

On top of these TwoRows offers a heart-healthy and gluten free menu for special dietary needs.

TwoRows strives to provide a unique dining experience with quality food an exceptional service!

My wife, Karis, and I typically eat the Spinnaker Salad when we eat at TwoRows. The Spinnaker is a wonderfully tasty salad. The Spinnaker includes chopped spinach and romaine lettuce, tossed with walnuts, tomatoes, feta cheese, craisins, artichoke hearts, fresh pineapples, chopped bacon, and blackberry habanero vinaigrette. You can add grilled chicken if you like. (http://www.tworows.com/the-spinnaker/)


Karis decided to stick with the Spinnaker this Friday and is happy she did. It never lets you down!

I decided to go rogue! I found a man’s dream come true in a new sandwich called ‘The Jack Wagon’. The Jack Wagon has everything but the kitchen sink thrown in. It starts with Texas Toast and includes mac & cheese, grilled chicken, jalapenos, Honey Pepper Bacon, and a cajun dusted runny fried egg! Amazing!

I was shocked at how well the ingredients combined for a welcomed flavor explosion! Thank You Baine and the TwoRows family! You blessed my life!(http://www.tworows.com/the-jack-wagon/)


I topped off the meal with a huge glass of Ugly Mug Root Beer.


Needless to say, I highly recommend checking out TwoRows if you have not already. Whether you go healthy or full ‘Jack Wagon’ I am certain you will be glad you did!

TwoRows is located on the Northbound service road of Hwy 75 just north of Bethany!


3 Don’t Miss Dates Coming in Allen, Tx!

May 1 – Sprayground at Celebration Park!

It’s coming soon! Beginning May 1st the Celebration Park Sprayground will open again for outdoor fun! Children ages 2-12 can enjoy splashing and playing in the water to their hearts content. Hours of Operation will be 9am-9pm daily, but closed Wednesdays for weekly maintenance.

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May 6 – Allen General Election! (May 1st Early Voting)

It looks to be an exciting race as the offices of Mayor and City Council Place No. 2 are up for election. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to participate in choosing your city leaders! Elections will be held at the Allen Municipal Court Facility (301 Century Parkway Allen, Tx. 75013)

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Notice of General Election

May 12-14 – Allen Arts Festival!

This Mother’s Day weekend join the crew at Watters Creek in Allen for a fun time with outstanding local and regional juried artists, showcasing their original art for the community! Enjoy live music, children’s art activities and much more!

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3 Reasons a Visit to Biggby Coffee will Brighten Your Day!

Every Tuesday morning 60-80 business professionals gather at 5th Street Pizza for a networking group called Tuesday Morning Live. Each and every week, Biggby Coffee owner, Steve Hrapkiewicz, provides coffee for the group. This may sound like a small donation but when you look closer you will find something unique in Biggby Coffee and Steve.

Community Engagement

Over the past few years Steve and the Biggby crew have engaged in the community in a big way. From sponsoring TML to hosting local charity events, Biggby Coffee has made an impact in the Allen and Fairview areas. Additionally, Steve was asked to join the Board of Directors of the Allen Fairview Chamber of Commerce! It should go without saying that this Realtor has a soft spot in his heart for Biggby Coffee.

Positive Attitude and Environment  

Walking into Biggby, you will notice something different. The colors are bright, the music is upbeat, and the people are happy. This distinguishes Biggby from many other coffee shops that present a less joyful environment. This positive culture, as well as the caffeine, has a pick-me-up effect on everyone who walks in.

Tasty Options

Along with a variety coffees, Biggby offers many options of flavored lattes, cappuccinos, smoothies, bagels, muffins, and many other tasty treats. The variety is wide and options are many. A customer could stop by Biggby once a day for months before trying all of the drink options! The Michigan Cherry comes highly recommended!

You can find Biggby on the web at biggby.com or just pop in for a visit and a latte at 945 W. Stacy Road, Allen, Tx. 75002. Map is below!

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Full Service Pool Concierge Executive Blue Pools!






I sat down for lunch this week with my friend Brian Belflower. Brian and I met several years ago through a mutual friend and have helped each with everything from ministry ventures to family decisions. Needless to say I enjoyed our time together over lunch!

Brian launched Executive Blue Pools a few years ago and the business has really taken off!

When explaining why he started Executive Blue Brian told me he truly wanted to replace his wife’s salary so she could stay at home with their wonderful daughter, Emma! Brian’s heart to serve people and understanding of the local economy led him toward the pool service industry.

Brian understands the sensitive nature of servicing pools. When hiring a pool company a customer opens up their life to the company. The pool crew will be in the customer’s backyard consistently with access to the home. This kind of trust requires professionalism and consistency.

When I inquired what differentiates Executive Blue from other companies Brian shared three attributes which cause Executive Blue stand out from the rest. First, Executive Blue offers a high level concierge experience. Brian describes it as the ‘white glove’ treatment! The Executive Blue crew is highly relational and takes their customers’ trust very seriously. After every service the customer receives an email highlighting everything the crew accomplished and a picture of the pool when they left the home.

Secondly, Executive Blue values a competent and well trained staff. In addition to initial field training, Executive Blue staff also attend conventions and conferences to continue growing in their understanding of the pool industry. Mentorship and regular meetings also help to sharpen their skills!

Thirdly, Brian emphasized Executive Blue’s full service approach to pool maintenance. They do everything except dig and construct pools! They can repair any piece of pool equipment and offer full renovations!

With the honor of being #1 on Angie’s List many times and members of the Good Contractors List it’s no wonder Executive Blue has achieved success so quickly!



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